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  1. Hey. Hi. Hey. I love your blog lots. Can I have a Chris Drew imagine where y/n and Chris do a My Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challange? Thank you so much!!

  2. a jenna mcdougall one where you come out to your mum and she kicks you out of the house, but your girlfriend (jenna), lets you move in with her and she comforts you. really fluffy with just a tiny bit of smut? thanks :)

  3. Hello :) could you do a story where (y/n) is Hannah Snowdon’s little sister (like 14-15 years old) and she’s dating a guy Hannah and Oli don’t like (cause he’s older than her) and they do everything to tear them apart. Thank you! ^^

  4. Could you possibly do an Austin carlile imagine where it’s your wedding day? Lots of cuteness, fluff n stuff. Thanks babes :3

  5. can u make an alan ashby 1 where 1 day hes going to be back from tour but on instagrm you see that he had cheated on u so when he gets home u have left and he looks for u and u r at ur sisters house n hes like im sorry n u say no the 3 years later u see austin at warped and he tells u how horrible alan has been and that he started to selfharm so u talk to him n u go back with him n he pulls out a ring that a long time ago befor u 2 broke up he was going to propose n u say yes plz

  6. Could I get an imagine with Martin Johnson from boys like girls where you first meet and you become really good friends and he asks you out but soon after that you find out your really Ill and you might not live and your afraid he will leave you and he’s all sweet and sings be my everything to you:) thanks so much
  7. hey I love your blog btw and I just wondered could I have a imagine where tyler carter is working hard at the studio and u start to tease him then BAM heavy smut thank u :) xx

  8. Imagine? your dating aj rebello and u walk to the shop but u walk into a group of guys they start pushing u around making fun of u then u run back to the bus and cry into aj and sit in his lap he’s asking what happened and then he gets really pissed off and then u cuddle into tyler and fall asleep while aj ,ty & sky go and beat them up then when aj comes back puts ur head in his lap and u half wake up and ask when he did to them and he tells u and then u start kissing u fall back asleep thanks x

  9. Could you do a fluffy girlxgirl Jenna Mcdougall one? Where you guys are dating and youre all socially awkward and she thinks you just dont want to be seen with her in public because shes your first girlfriend and she gets all upset and you comfort her and tell her youre just awkward.

  10. could I have a imagine where your dating tyler carter and you suffer with nightmares a lot and u wake up from one crying and really scared and your hysterical and hes there hugging u close and kissing u and comforting u and he has to take you to the back lounge to calm you down and the guys on the bus wake up and they are asking and trying to make u happy thanks :) x

  11. Hi , really love your blog like wow(^.^) so I was wondering could you do a jaime imagine where your at a meet and greet and you havnt eaten for days and your at the table and you really don’t feel well and faint , then you wake up and your backstage with jaime waiting for the ambulance and he’s just really sweet and stuff ? Okay thanks bye(^-^)/

  12. can you write an jack barakat imagine where you’re raising/have custody of your younger teenage brother that keeps getting into a lot of trouble recently with drugs and fighting and threatening to hit you and illegal things and stuff, and you can’t control him but when jack comes into your life he helps straighten him out and keep him out of trouble and stuff (sorry this is so detailed and long lol but i love your writing a lot!!)

  13. Heyy, could I have a Jack Barakat one where you’re his best friend and one day he’s sick and miserable with the flu and why you’re taking care of him he confesses he has feelings for you? Thank you :)

  14. Can you maybe do one with Jordan from the ready set? Maybe where (y/n) is on warped tour with him and she’s running the merch table, but some “fans” are making fun of her so she goes to tell Jordan and he helps make her feel better and tells the fans to stop?
  15.  Can I have an imagine with Coops from Hands Like Houses were you go back to Australia with him to meet his family for the first time and they really like you, but you embarrass yourself in front of them and you feel really upset and Coops tries to cheer you up and it ends in smut. thanks
  16. Do you think you could do a Jordan Eckes imagine? Like, you find out you’re pregnant and he thinks it isn’t his. And then fluffy make up? Thanks :)

  17. Can I pretty please have a Devin Oliver imagine from I See Stars where you’ve been dating for about 6 months and you’re a virgin and he respects that but you’re finally ready and he’s super sweet about it?? Thank you so much and I love your blog!

  18. Can I please have one with Alex Lopez where you guys are secretly dating because you’re younger (like 18 or 19) but u break up because SS is going on tour and u have college and fast forward a year you have twins boy n girl and only Dan Kenny knows about it and he tells Alex and he comes to see them and u guys raise them together as friends but he realizes he loves u and proposes

  19. Imagine that Frank Iero pays you a supprise visit but you are really depressed (can’t even get out of bed depressed) so he comforts you and eventually you confide in him that you struggle with self injury. Could Frank also be your boyfriend?
  20. Atl imagine where ur on warped with ur band, ur shy/quiet and Alex tells u jack has a major crush on u and true to set u up on a date but everything that can go wrong does and jack says he’s sorry for the bad date but u say u don’t care BC it was fun just spending time with him

  21. Can I have a Chris Motionless imagine where y’all have been dating for awhile and you’re a virgin but then tell him you’re ready and he’s super sweet about it and fluff afterwards?

  22. can you do a tay jardine imagine (girlxgirl) where they adopt their first child (a girl named ren if you can), and they’re getting used to taking care of a baby, and learning how to be moms, and it’s just super cute and fluffy? thank you <3
  23. Can you so a  girlxgirl fluff one where Jenna McDougall surprised you to dinner and a movie or something cute while you guys are on tour together like you’re with her. And it’s just adorableee(: thankyou! Xoxoxo

  24. hi love 💕!!! Can you please do an Andy Leo imagine. One where he’s on tour with his girlfriend y/n & her band & while he’s performing he calls y/n on to the stage & proposes to her. Just lots of fluff after that ^~^

  25. Hello, would you do an Austin imagine based on the song ‘last night’ by good charlotte? Something like that and in the end you both find out that you’re both in a band and have a tour together ? I hope it’s not confusing :) oh and if you write it, can it be from his pov?

  26. Could you write an Austin Carlile imagine where Y/N is his daughter? She self-harms cuz she’s bullied and her mom left her when she was little so Austin neglects her. But like she ends up in the hospital cuz she’s either found almost killing herself/having a heart-attack from the heart disease that runs in the family. And Austin gets really scared to lose her and is crying and when she wakes up he apologizes for being a horrible dad and just a fluffy end? Thank youuu c: I love your writing<3
  27. I was wondering if you could do a Jenna McDougall girlxgirl imagine where you have twin girls and maybe it’s their 1st day of school so you have a while to yourself and decide to have some fun and everything gets heated ? smut ? xx thanks x

  28. could you do a arranged marriage austin carlile imagine where you and austin have never met and when you find out from your parents you run away into town where you bump into him and you end up at a little shop telling him how you don’t want to get married to a man you don’t know and then you find out the next day that it was austin

  29. could you do a B4MV one where I’m on tour with them and Matt asks me out on stage in front of everyone? Then he kisses me and it’s all cute and stuff? Oh and can you set it in the Fever era please? Thanks :)
  30. ray toro fluff where he sees your band performing at a festival and asks for your number and for your band to tour with mcr? xx