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Please do a smutty girlxgirl one about Hayley Williams where you go to the Still Into You video shoot and she does you on the bed that she’d been filmed on when all the camera crew are away?

"Okay, thats a wrap! Take 10!"
The director called for a break, walking off set. Everyone left the room, except for you and Hayley of course. She was laying on the bed, smiling  up at you.
"Come here."
You walked over to her, sitting beside her.
"Are you thinking what i’m thinking?," you smirked.

"You sure nobody will see us?," you worried.
"Postive," Hayley smiled, pushing you down, to where you were laying. She pulled her jacket off, hurrying to get her top off also. Pulling her skirt down just enough, she tried not to make it too hard to get dressed again once the break was over.

You pulled your shirt down midway, Hayley moving your shorts to your knees.
"Ready?," she asked.
You nodded your head, closing your eyes.
She curved her fingers, moving them inside you. You moaned lightly, arching your back. She began to move them faster, hitting your favorite spots.
Smiling in success, she kept going until you couldn’t bear anymore. Your core ached of your upcoming orgasm, which came immediately. Laying there shaking, you caught your breath.

"Your turn," you smirked.
Hayley laid back, ready for you. Sticking two fingers inside of her, you stretched her. You replaced your fingers with your mouth, licking every inch of her. Her moans got quicker as you went deeper, driving her insane.
"We have two minutes, come on baby," she whined.

You brought your fingers back, fingering her hard. Moaning out in pleasure, she finally came. You licked your fingers clean, and you both quickly got dressed again like nothing happened.

"Okay, next scene!"

(Written by Alex~)
~ Yeah im really bad at girlxgirl sexcuse me

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